O Macklemore κυκλοφορεί το πρώτο σινγκλ του δεύτερου σόλο άλμπουμ του, και ανακοινώνει το “διάλειμμα” των Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

3 - CopyΧτες ανακοινώθηκε επίσημα πως οι Macklemore & Ryan Lewis θα κάνουν ένα διάλειμμα για να ακολουθήσουν ο καθένας τους σόλο μουσικά μονοπάτια για ένα διάστημα, και ο Macklemore δεν έχασε ούτε λεπτό, κυκλοφορώντας ταυτόχρονα το πολύ συμπαθητικό Glorious’ με τη συμμετοχή της Skylar Grey, το οποίο είναι το πρώτο σινγκλ από το ακόμα ατιτλοφόρητο δεύτερο προσωπικό άλμπουμ του Αμερικάνου ράπερ που θα κυκλοφορήσει μέσα στους επόμενους μήνες.

NEW MUSIC… GLORIOUS (Link in Bio) And so it begins… When I finished touring last fall, I wanted to keep making music. I didn't know what that would look like but I had an immediate urge to write. To record. Not out of a desire to “keep up” with the music industry – or out of some self-imposed pressure – but rather to create for the sake of creating. After the last tour, Ryan and I agreed that some creative space would be good for the both of us. Ryan Lewis is my brother forever. We have been working together damn near every day for 9 years and it felt like the right time.  This decision came from a place of love for one another. I’m the best man at his wedding next month. There will be more M&RL music to come when the time is right. And you'll be hearing from Ryan very, very soon (he has some incredible records that are about to drop with other artists). So, last November, I built a studio in the basement of my home and got back to the basics. I was able to find a balance with my art, recovery and being a dad.  I felt the perfect amount of removal from an industry that can be tricky to spiritually navigate. I wanted to be around Sloane and Tricia as much as possible. I wanted to make an album and raise my baby girl. So here it is. The first song from my new album is “Glorious”. It features the incredibly talented Skylar Grey and was produced by Budo with additional production from Tyler Dopps (Aka "DAMN DUDE"!). It felt like the right record to come back with, embarking on this new chapter of life. I just want to thank you guys for always supporting and riding with me.  I appreciate your endless love and words more than I could ever express. You’re the reason I’m still able to do what I love around the world. "Glorious" is just the start… Ben #ifeelglorious

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